… locally hosted downloads site..great download speed!!


¬†interesting site… got a lot of stuff… locally hosted on a focus IP… on focus an therefore great speeds to guys on focus network… decent collection to start off with.. and they do have a request page as well… haven’t tried it yet… oh.. an it seems like it’s free too…


i’m on a 1mbps line and as you can see i can get it around 100% and get it consistently…. if they can provide great content.. it would be much much better than downloading over rapidshare, megashares etc…

i don’t think it would work too well for people on dhiraagu tho…..

more thoughts on the site later..

UPDATE: 10/07/10

Speed has been consistent so far… much more so than rapidshare or hotfile which i usually use…. now if only they update their library…

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10 responses to “… locally hosted downloads site..great download speed!!”

  1. n3rd says :

    i cant seem to go to the page where i can dowload the series

  2. sarathkumara says :


  3. ali kesbe says :

    fada boe

  4. alibe says :


  5. Isy jamyl says :


  6. iyalycan says :


  7. Frenzy says :

    now its download speed is 1mbps recently it was 2mbps

  8. aman says :

    its only for people with Raajje Online onnection……

  9. Ahmed Risaal says :

    First time i am going to use this

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